Sunidhi Chauhan’s revelation – In Indian Idol, the contestant is falsely praised

31 May, 2021

Controversy is growing over the singing reality show Indian Idol 12. After Amit Kumar, Abhijit Sawant and Sonu Nigam, now singer Sunidhi Chauhan has also opened the show. In her new interview, she has revealed the reason for leaving Indian Idol.

“I left Indian Idol because I couldn’t do what the producers wanted,” Sunidhi said in an interview. ’ According to her, the producer had asked her to give false praise to the contestant by putting aside her thoughts and ideas.

Sunidhi Chauhan was the judge in the fifth and sixth editions of Indian Idol. When Sunidhi was asked if the show was unnecessarily drawn, she replied, “It’s all about getting the audience’s attention.”

There is nothing wrong with the contestant. When the contestants only hear compliments, they get confused and the real talent gets spoiled. ‘ Talking about reality shows, Sunidhi Chauhan says, “It has provided a great platform for those who dream of making a name for themselves in music. But this is to the detriment of the artist because people show their story on TV overnight and their desire to do something disappears. ‘

According to Sunidhi, she has been a judge in shows like Indian Idol, Dil Hey Hindustani and The Voice. “I say the same thing today,” she said. Whether I like the show or not depends entirely on the show’s creator. ‘

Remember, the controversy over Indian Idol 12 started when Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar said that he would praise the contestant in exchange for money. Aditya Narayan had replied to him about this. In addition, the contestants of the program were also trolled.