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Kangana’s Twitter account ‘suspended’ after controversial post

Shivam Shah,02021/05/04

Twitter has suspended the Twitter account of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. Kangana’s account has been suspended after a series of tweets with controversial and misleading information.

She did not urge Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take on Mamata Banerjee in the “early 2000s”. After the tweet, many demanded that Kangana’s statement be suspended saying that it was inciting violence. Despite the suspension of the account, Twitter has not yet officially released the information.

Kangana Ranaut has been making controversial and inflammatory statements for some years. Linking the violence in some parts of the state after the West Bengal Assembly election results, she has incited her supporters to violence.

In a conversation with NDTV, a Twitter spokesperson said that Kangana’s account has been suspended under the ‘Abusive Behavior Policy’.