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Film City in Province 2 is my dream project- Minister Sah

July 24, 2021

Digambar Thapa Chhetri

Birgunj:- Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications of Province No. 2 Bharat Prasad Sah has informed that a film city is being planned in Province No. 2.

After addressing a gathering on the occasion of the 8th Memorial Day of late Comrade Nar Bahadur Karmacharya in Birgunj today, Minister Sah told The Ray Times that Kardanaha Rural Municipality of Siraha District has committed to provide 200 bigahs of land for the construction of Film City.

Minister Sah told that a lot of Nepali language based films in Nepal have been produced and now the Nepali film industry has made great strides.

He said that we have to work for the promotion and upliftment of the local language. There are many artists in Madhesh who are not able to enhance their hidden potential due to dearth of proper opportunities and Film City will play a pivotal role in bringing out such hidden talents.

I have put forward my vision to create a film city in Province 2 so that youths who want to pursue their career in film-making or acting can do so in their home state.

It will create immense employment opportunities,” Sah told TRT. He said that the concept has been put forward and now after discussing with the experts in the field, it will move forward for the next steps.